Court of The Kingsmen

  • Kingsmen,

    Whomever is running things, I've got two pans on a hot flame. I've got support from a Lord, and an Oversword. I got a lead on a house for us to lift our feat up at, and I'm searching for a cure for The Marshal. We aren't eating scraps anymore. We're sitting at the table, or were going to burn the whole shit house down trying.

    I need you to be able to promise me twenty men for a negotiation. I don't need them with me. I don't need them to be my army, I just need to know that I got twenty to make a deal with. A force exchange of sorts.

    -Blade Early

  • Promise you twenty men based on words in a letter?

    You’ll need to do more convincing if you seek our support.


  • Ive got a pardon for any crimes commitied to date ready to go for all of us, I got paying work lined up for Kingsmen working right along The Oversword of The North, I got a spot for us to look at as a garrison all our own, and I got a Lathandarite that might be able to restore Marshal Outerbridge.

    Hear out Lord Bhaliir. Come to The Court meeting and see for yourself. Carver should be there.

    -Tel sword Early

  • The letter is resent

  • Admin [DM]

    [Collected to be considered]

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