Help Zargen get his Fey-Touched

  • Okay so guys. I have a request from all of you. Give me ideas to get my character I have placed in like 11+ apps for.

    Mostly what I can never quite get is goals that dose not require DMs and would be fun for people to do with her.

    As I am looking at Scull now, I do not see her lasting too long sadly. Banned from Adventuring unless she risks getting arrested. Threats of execution. So ya. probably will not live long, or I just log in and stand in the tower all day. Not fun. I know other players want to help cure her, but she really can't do anything and I do want to do something.

    My play style sadly is not tuned to the app process. I don't make long term goals to pursue. I have the most fun just rolling with the punches as they come. Goals are set with interacting with other player characters.

  • There is currently a fey-aligned group, called the Fae Baes. ICly, it's by invite-only. However, if you want to app for a fey-touched, I can PM you the background of my Rashemi circle, which would have more than a good share of fey-touched, and might give you ideas, plus an instant friend.

  • A fey touched may have some awesome fun sowing chaos within the city, How can a fey touched go about this? Well it could start by humilating someone serious that is in power, doing what it can to earn this person and their faction some seriously bad reputation. With this bad reputation you could go to someone opposing this guy and goad them into taking action against the original guy. All this might be a glorious plan to distract while you set up mushroom fields in the sewers because this will please some great fey lord somewhere.

    Perhaps the fey touched enjoys a more direct approach of causing chaos, the fey may go and set up an area placing undead and traps around ((Depending on the fey and class etc)) Using these tools put some treasure at the end, perhaps a joke prize like a jester doll. You then make a sending out challenging people to take your challenge, proclaiming there is a great reward at the end, maybe some Mythalite and an IOU date ticket for Vanos. If no one responds make a sending saying this is the city of Tyche and if Vanos' womanly treats cannot tempt then you say you dropped 4k gold there. This is so you can proclaim yourself the KING of mischeif within the region.

    Perhaps you can serve the great fey lord and ask to be his envoy, this would give you an opportunity to bring people over to yourside and offer them gifts and things for doing your bidding. Say the naughty purple dragons may cause your fey lord a problem. So you go into Oldtown and begin to Offer the scummy PC's there Mushrooms and perhaps potential powers down the line if they sow strife and discord with the Purple dragon players for you. This way you achieve what you want, corrupt people into being your followers and mischeif creaters while making fun for the purple dragons to uncover your own plots and goals. No DM needed after the pc is set up.

  • I am mostly wanting a fey that will try and show people that the fey are not really trouble makers.

  • ....And then once they BELIEVE you....

    You pull out the greatest trick EVER.

    That would pass. 😃

  • @crystalrl Can you PM me ideas for a CG fey-touched?

  • **1. Human Fey-Touched/Sorcerer/Chaotic Good/New character/Fayette Faylinn **

    2. Sub-race FeyTouched

    3. Zargen of Zandor/Scull


    1. Sent to get in contact with the Fae Baes. Once she gets in touch, to join them and aid them in their goals for the Hullack forest and the verdant Lord.
    2. Investigate the process of bottling fey in order to free those that are bottled. Chafe with the Militia on possession of bottled fey, take people on Iris Diot's quest optional to draw them into my plot, and then go about hunting goblins in order to track down and slay any fairy-bottlers.
    3. Spread the fey outlook with adventurers. Let's face it - fey typically don't bother city dwellers because cities smell! But perhaps there are some folk who can be encouraged or coerced or dared to step beyond their safe, stone walls. Play pranks, lead people on treasure hunts (though perhaps they don't end with anything of value!), and slip Blue Whinnis into potions to hand out so people fall asleep at inopportune times.
    4. Educate people on various types of fairies (this will require that Fayette Faylinn invests in Lore). Teach them how to protect themselves from unseelie, as well as share stories about the seelie. Lead expeditions onto Windfall to slay the hag that lives there (bounty creature) and to investigate the fall of the village.
    5. Other minor plots include working against the Red Wizards of Thay if opportunities arise (they're currently an NPC only faction) and investigating the Queen of Fire and Ice (likely will be expeditions into the Haunted Halls, as well as doing the Kelpie quest and Hag quest in the Hullacks)
    6. She will also try to become an envoy to the Verdant Lord once he gets established in Faerun.

    5. Originally an herbalist's daughter, "Little Fay" was given to the care of the hathran in Rashemen after her poor parents realized that her well-timed mischief and uncanny ability to disappear were, in fact, magical in nature. Receiving training in the Circle of the Verdant Lord, particularly in mind-spells to draw the truth out of people as she excelled in that, she set out on her dajemma (coming of age journey) with a warrior guard by the name of Jandar. Sadly, her partner died on the way to Harrowdale of The Dalelands, leaving her stranded with only her magic to guard her. Taking safety in numbers - as well as the chance to learn about far away cultures and lands - she has been sticking to caravans, plying a mix of herbalism and magic to stay employed. This is how she came to be in Arabel, the Caravan City. She had a few of the same mentors as Jon, so she sought him out. They do have a bit of a rivalry though.


    ** Strengths: Has some experience working alone due to her partner's death, very skilled with feyish magics such as mindspells and illusions, and can easily sympathize with others.**

    ** Weaknesses: Flighty, emotional, proud**

    Subrace Applicants:

    She will be normally someone who tries to stay focus on her tasks. Though she is easily distracted by the natural world and will get side tracked to investigate the landscape. She loves to joke and laugh with friends, though sometimes a prank or two might go a bit to far. She will get extremely mad at a person but will quickly make up with them.

    /////Can anyone pick this apart to why it will not be accepted?//////

  • Off topic from the matter of app advise, but I've got to say, Scull is a really neat and interesting character and I'm disappointed that people are behaving ICly in such a away as to block her from doing anything. Even if the way people react makes sense and is consistent within the fiction, there's still a player on the other end trying to have fun. Not saying the militia shouldn't be keeping an eye on Scull but straight up saying "You'll get got if you engage with any of the bulk of the server's content" is pretty not cool.

  • @raynemaker well let’s hope I get this app accepted for a better character from both sides

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