A Letter to the Shivs

  • [A small bundle of bloody cloaks in Archrelate colours is included with the package, as a show of good faith]

    To whoever calls the shots for your people.

    You keep yourself to yourself, I can respect that. And you've been good to us when we've needed to settle a few... more pressing disputes without resorting to violence. But now we have a problem that threatens us both.

    Bhaliir's working with the stone dealers and the purple wannabees to try and roll over anybody who don't fit his "perfect humanity." and unless you're willing to clip your ears I'd guess that means you too. Prelates, Cobbles, Saints, All of them have been the biggest thorn to a safe old town ever since the Brigade went boom, But I think that together we can have a shot showing them what happens when you give humanity a little extra something to help it along.

    I know your leadership used to work for Albon, I'm sure you worked side by side with a lot of our girls just trying to make a living. So you know that we with you in the gutter from where the citadel is looking.

    I'm trying to meet up with the gangs who aren't going to roll over and show their bellies to Bhaliir, can I count you among them?

    The Sembian Angel

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Ain’t no way we’re okay with Bhaliirs reform.

    We can talk.

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