PVP Rules: Core Rules for PvP

  • Admin [DM]

    City of Arabel is a roleplaying persistant world (RPPW). That means we're going to encourage player vs player action (PvP). By this we mean conflicts, rivalry, and even combat against fellow player characters (PCs). However, the conflict is suppose to be fun and exciting, so there are some strict rules and guidelines (counter-intuitive I know) to help keep the peace. Most of these rules really only apply for one PvP turns into Player Killing (PK).

    Please remember, if you plan on taking any hostile action against another player that you set them hostile first and you must try to contact a DM as soon as possible if you plan any PvP. Often, PvP done without a DM's permission may be ruled unfair or illegitimate and result in problems, this problem goes double if the PvP ends in PK or looting usually.

    A final note before the list of rules, this is overwhelmingly a server based on roleplaying, telling stories, and making things fun for your fellow players with everything you do. Everyone gets NWN and D&D are games ultimately about numbers and combat, that's important to remember, but the fun matters more. If someone is really good at grinding quests, making the optimal build, and winning PvP trying to push forward a storyline or outcome they want and they come across someone whose PC is very good at keeping people entertained, organizing adventures and quests, and making things FUN for other players--you should expect that DMs and even NPCs will be supporting that person and they'll be able to more effectively push their storyline or outcome forward.

    Yes, this is how the DMs play favorites here, and we're proud of it--you should be too! That said, don't expect your FUN awesome level 5 monk to win a fist fight against the level 12 cleric, but also understand that the DM team is still going to reward the fun you create for OTHER players. And if you're a level 12 butt-kicking machine and hosting player-led events and making things so fun people log in just to roleplay with you, then that's great too!