Hunting Competition

  • Tilveron has begun to supply the villages of the north with meat, pelts and furs needed to continue a decent standard of living. In the spirit of celebration of this new export from our town and to foster more community cooperation I am sponsoring a competition lasting one week starting from this posting.

    -The person who hunts the greatest, biggest, baddest or most powerful beast and drops off its meat and hide in tilverton will receive 2000 gold.

    -The person who drops off the MOST meat and hides during the time frame will receive 2000 gold.

    1/4 of all hunted meat will be donated to the needy of Old Town and the various villages and hamlets of the area. 1/4 of the hides will be used to ensure they are properly clothed.

    Inform Damion Latok of Tilverton of your submissions.

    ///Skin creatures that can be and take screenshots of you dropping the hide and meat in the trash barrel in Tilverton for creatures that can’t be skinnned just send screenshots.

  • Leaders Most Hides/Meats:

    1. Ethoclyus - 30
    2. Christoph -5
    3. Ophirae - 3

    Leaders Most Dangerous Game:

    1. Etholycus - Drake
    2. Lord Bhaliir - Grizzly Bear

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