• Admin [DM]


    City of Arabel has a slightly altered system for Potionmakeing in place, the instructions on how to brew potions in Arabel are as follows.

    1. First you need the Brew Potion feat, its prerequisites are the same as default nwn (You need to be a level 3 spellcaster before taking the feat).

    2. Second, you need to buy a Magical Potion Bottle(s) from a store. As well as the spell you wish to make a potion out of prepared in your spellbook.

    3. Third, you need to have the relevant potion recipe for the spell. Common ones can be purchased in stores, whilst more rare ones can be found on quests or dangerous areas all over the server.

    4. Once you have all the materials for your potion(s) and have the appropriate spell prepared, you use the recipe item and it will convert one empty bottle into a potion of that recipe. It will also consume the spell from your book in the process, as if you had cast it.

    Note: You are able to brew potions without any cauldron, however you can improve your chance of brewing more potions you can stand next to a Potion Brewing Cauldron Placeable, which are available around the server. Or, you may craft a portable Potion Brewing Cauldron using Blacksmithing or Woodmaking. Recieve bonus potions does not consume any Magical Potion Bottles.