[Letter to Eveningstar Lathandar Temple]

  • My Brothers in Faith at the Eveningstar Temple!
    I am Valeria Ashwood, a loyal warrior of the Morninglord, and a retainer for house Dauntinghorn. I wished to express my gratitude and happiness for the temple in Eveningstar, it’s been marvelous to get up each morning before dawn to pray and be so close to a temple to give my thanks to. However, my gratitude is not the only reason I am writing today.
    Recently, my lord and I, were exploring the Starwater Gorge, just in the woods next to Eveningstar. We were laughing and joking when we came across an ambush set up by dastardly lizardmen. It seems that they were planning on either attacking the town or the castle as we found bodies of one civilian, and a purple knight blade. We travelled around the forest, which was at this point covered in blood, and came across another group of lizardmen whom were in mid-interrogation of the missing swordcaptain. Thankfully, he was still alive but was badly injured. We fought bravely against the lizardmen, trying to rescue him, however, a shaman dropped a spell of perpetual darkness and escaped us, the Swordcaptain in hand. - This is only the premise to my inquiry, however, as afterwards we explored the forest more in search of clues. Lo’ and behold a blessed spirit of the forest appeared to us.
    She was roused by the ‘cries of children’ as per her own words. The sweet thing was very shy and skiddish, she would not appear unless we laid down our weapons and stripped our wards. She was elated, however, when she learned we were both followers of Lathandar. It seems that she may, herself, love or worship his divine grace. She ran off when My Lord mentioned that ‘it had seen better days but was happy it was there’- taking it as an insult. He, of course, didn’t mean any insult by it, but she seemed to take great offense. We left offerings as an apology and left her.
    I was hoping that you, my brothers, might have information on this spirit. I am a curious soul and was elated to experience such a new and pure beautiful creature. Is this spirit a guardian of the town, or of the forest? I have not heard of many spirits of nature venerating the Morninglord, even having spent a few years in Kirinwood, and would love to learn more. I stay in the inn in Eveningstar most nights, so you could send a return letter there!
    Joy of the Dawn,
    Valeria Ashwood

  • We know very little about this, but perhaps you can investigate further and help us learn more?

    May his dawn shine upon thee.

  • Of course, I can investigate further! I'll take a hike out there soon and see if I can learn anything!
    Fair Dawn,
    Valeria Ashwood.

  • Dawnbringers,

    From the last week, I can now give you some idea of the venerable, lovely nymph that watches over the town of Eveningstar. During and After Lord Winter's Kidnapping, the Nymph appeared and saved my life from those of Clar banda's following. As mentioned in the public message I posted in reassure the people of Eveningstar of Lord Winter's surviving the attack, and her return, there were parts that I.. very much left out. As.. if any enemies of Lord Winter knew the secret, it could be used against her and the Lathanderite faith. The Nymph is a child of both Chauntea and Lathander, and she holds an extremely intimate connection with Lord Winter. She was the being who attempted to protect me and Lord Winter when the Clar Bandan's unleashed their trap. She summoned a large treant, even, in an effort to save us both. When Lord Winter was taken away from Eveningstar, all the plants and trees began to die. Much like what happens when a Dryad leaves her tree. On top of that, the Nymph seems to possess some sort of divine divination skills, as she foresaw the attack on Lord Winter and hid our esteemed Lady in the tree's of the Tressym grove. It was only when they attacked ambushed myself and held a sword to my neck, that Lord Winter asked the nymph to reveal her. In order to keep this letter short, I'll list the facts about the Nymph of Eveningstar that I've been able to acquire.


    • The Nymph and Lord Winter share an intimate connection of some kind. Perhaps a benevolent pact.
    • The Nymph is responsible for the flourishment of crops around the land of Eveningstar.
    • The Nymph is a protector for the inhabitants, however she has a special love for the Temple and Lord Winter.
    • The Nymph is some sort of Seer, and has the ability to divine the future of dangerous events.
    • The Nymph cannot stray from the town of Eveningstar, or the nature will wither and die. Similar to a dryad.
    • The Nymph is a follower of Lathander, and (Likely) Chauntea.
    • The Nymph has stated that she protects the children of the sun and the children of the earth.
    • When Lord Winter's ash was reunited with the flora of Eveningstar, she was able to rise again like a phoenix. Establishing her connection to nature there.
    • I prayed to Lathander as the ashes hit the soil and reformed into Lord Winter's body. I am unsure if this had anything to do with her rebirth, but I'd like to think it might. No doubt her rebirth was the Morninglord's doing.
    • The Nymph is a good, benevolent being of purity and wholesomeness. From my interaction with her, she is genuinely a scion of good will. She is in no way a detriment to anyone or anything in Eveningstar.

    These are my hypotheses about the Nymph, but I cannot exactly confirm them unless I question Lord Winter or the Nymph herself.

    • The Nymph and Lord Winter may be one in the same. The Nymph disappeared into the trees once Lord Winter was taken away by the Clar Bandans. I cannot give the exact location of where she went. She either followed Lord Winter, which caused the plants around Eveningstar to die, or Lord Winter herself is apart of this nymph and when she left the town, nature began to die.

    • If the previous is not true, the two could be pacted, or connected, by some sort of divine magic. This might explain Lord Winter's foresight of the situation and the dying trees. As well as her rejuvenation.

    • This connection to nature around Eveningstar could possibly be used against Lord Winter. It is important that the Clar Bandan priestess who sacrificed Lord Winter, now serving in the penal legion, not find out this information. I would not put it past her to curse whatever magical connection. If this pact, or connection, were severed, I have no doubt that the crops and surrounding wildlife would fail.

    If you have more questions, I can explain. But you asked me to investigate and find out more- and this is what I've learned. I still believe this information should be kept close to ones chest considering how devastating it could be in the wrong hands. I admire Lord Winter for both her bravery and her faith. I do not wish for further harm to come upon her if this gets out.

    -Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn.

    @Bowser @Puffy

  • Dear Dawnbringers,

    As another note, I have been teaching my adopted son, Tom, about the Morninglord, as well as songs associated with him. Though most of the hymes and tunes I know are from growing up in a similar temple- and I am not the best singer. I was hoping you might have an extra songbook on hand that I could copy new songs from or borrow in order to teach him more? I find that using song is the best way to instill our faith's beliefs and love for our Lord in him, and hope to someday teach him how to do good with his voice. I believe this would further his faith, esteem as a youth, and brighten his horizons creatively. If there is anything I can do, in return, for this favor, I would be willing to aide the temple.

    Your sister in faith,
    Valeria Ashwood
    Warrior of Lathander
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn