Baroness Rethil of Arael

  • Baroness,

    The Chancellor of Arabel enslaves fey and is selling them to the Thayans. Her reign of tyranny must end. We have made it a priority to free these enslaved fey from her clutches. As we, in Tilverton, are not far off neighbors to your land, I was hoping we could form an alliance to protect this land from the vicious enslavement and oppression spreading out from the cold city and I could request your assistance in ending this tyranny. We are willing to undertake any task or challenge, which does not go against our oaths and duties to our own people in order to earn your trust.

    May the winds lead you to liberty and peace,
    Damion Latok

  • Admin [DM]

    [Suddenly Tilverwood is infested with fey, in Damion's letterbox there is a giant pile of red petals]

  • Admin [DM]

    //posting here to remind myself to respond as well

  • Admin [DM]

    To whom it may concern,

    The Righteous Cause of your actions has moved the heart of the Lady Baroness Rethil, Princess of the Court of Seasons, Lady of the Hullack and its antediluvian past and present! Her heart flutters with the heroic deeds witnessed, and has bid her knightly court to action, and as leal servants of the Baroness we have answered the call!

    Of course, we shall seize the forests around Tilverton as our abode as we do not wish to disrupt your quaint village, and we urge caution as our revels shall neither discern friend from foe!

    Happy days shall come ahead, I assure you!

    The 31st Herald of the Lady Baroness,
    The Former 41st Herald of the Lord Sir Baron,
    The Master of Roots and Vines and All Things Fine,

    Sir Jeffrey Purdue

  • Baroness,

    Your imprisoned subjects may now find freedom and new life. The Garden of Free Souls has been planted in the West Tilverwood and the joint magic of the Fey of Arael and the winds of Akadi have come together, much like our friendship, to bring a powerful freedom not known in this land for decades! Let us hope this is a sign of new beginnings for us all.


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