Letter to Ophirae Miavyre

  • @TheTwistingWind


    Given our past sessions where I educated you about the Morndinsamman, I hope I can have the favor returned. I need to know more about the gods of the humans.

    More specifically, one called "Gargauth", as it's come to my attention it's a god of note for certain reasons, which I can speak to you in person about.

    Faenor Farthrow

  • @saoshyant


    I'm afraid I've no knowledge of Gargauth, admittedly my knowledge of the (at times bloated) human pantheon(s) will be quite lacking in specifics in most affairs. But this one is completely unknown to me, I'm afraid.

    That said, I'd be happy to speak with you in person about it, perhaps context can be inferred by your concerns. Never a better time to learn.

    I look forward to our talk.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi