Letter: Valiant Kraliqh

  • Kraliqh

    As you own the building the Congress is in, I wish to establish a dual shrine to Gond and Waukeen within.

    For whilst Gond inspires us to create wonderous things, It is the sale of such through Waukeens grace that assists the city to economic prosperity.

    Amongst the inventions I have created which would be highly marketable and bring a boost to the cities economy are

    The Lycan Eradication Device: A throwable container containing pressurised Belladonna gas that could be shipped to areas with problems with lycan infestations or manufactured and sold to adventurers to assist pacifiy the Hullack

    A method of control for Lycans: A celestial silver ring, empowered by Mythalite and Moonstones, Wearing such a ring allows a afflicted lycan to remain in control of their senses and much less likely to transform and rampage. I am certain afflicted adventurers may pay a lot for such a creation

    Ele-Metal Weapons: Weapons imbued with the power of Elemental Essence, A commodity only available in this region and that would be quite popular with adventurers wishing a creation to harm creatures with thick hides.

    I have no desire to see the Tycheans removed from the building but it does currently have a lot of unused space, The shrine could also be used for merchant fairs where local craftsmen could sell their wares and share designs to bolster productivity

    Seeker Ampharen, Champion of Gond

  • Admin [DM]

    My Dear Ampharen,

    You already have a temple to Gond in the form of the factory, and possibly the most fanatical followers a man may ask for (the warforged).

    I must sadly rejected your request. While greed and the desire for more is indubitably a good thing, even I can be offended by such greed.


    Valiant Kraliqh

    P.S: You don't speak for the Church of Waukeen, either.

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