Posters scatter around old town!

  • In the bold light of day, posters and pamphlets are spread throughout the streets of the Old Town by a certain lathandarite warrior. The posters and pamphlets carry a picture or a sunrise over a field of flowers. The following message is painted on each:

    “Men, Women, and children,
    These times we live are bleak. We live on the streets. We fight tooth and nail to survive through grit and grime. It is, as if our hope has been sapped by the horrors of this world. But my friends, I have a message for you. Change is coming. Hope is here. Things will look up. Soon, if we work together, we won’t have to keep living as we do. Soon, we can make our world better. We can have a hope for a better future because now we have allies.

    Now we have people who will help us. I talk not of the lords and nobles, not the ones you despise, but of other commoners just like us. I, Valeria Ashwood, promise you that I will bring change to Old Town. I know that we can do this, together as a community. With each morning comes a new opportunity for new change. Take it by the reins and ride. Grasp at this opportunity. I will not stop until the honest citizens of old town both have a voice but legs to stand up tall and proud on as a community of honest living. These gifts are only the beggining. Look to the sunrise, my friends. Seize the day! “

    A full basket of freshly picked green apples is deposited outside the door of Momma’s local orphanage with a similar note.

    I was hoping we may be able to talk sometime soon. If it is okay with you, I would happily meet at a time best suited for you and your needs. Please, enjoy these apples with your boys and girls in the meantime. Joy of the dawn to you.

    • Valeria Ashwood.”