Necromantic/Half-Undead Group Concept

  • Hello Everyone,

    With the Half-Undead race being put out, I had some ideas forming in my head for a type of group that might benefit from the outlandish and rather lonely existence that is for a ghul and really any other necromantical built character. Realistically, the existence of any Ghul character would be heavily challenged and surviving on their own would be a hard if not impossible task, but I feel a group of like minded characters would do well and provide a good story as well as some conflict building on the server. One of my favorite things is undead-style characters, so I was more than ready to jump at the chance to play one.

    Hollow Ones
    (Concept Name, not final.)

    Amongst the outlying farms and hamlets that dot the region of Arabel are those places that naturally draw necromantic energy and those being that come from the grotesque interest and love of these evil creatures. In that, the creatures known as Ghuls seem to be something more realistic and a frightening presence at that. Feeding on corpses and blood, it is no wonder why those living would seek to see them eradicated from the world at large. Those forced into this lonely existence would feel that they are an anomaly in the world, unsure of purpose and deprived of safety as those of their better halves enjoy. In some regard, they may be able to blend in and survive, but just above the knife’s edge at that.

    This group is founded upon the base instinct of all creatures: survival. In their shared state of being, that of a half-undead, there is more likely nobody to turn to, not even their blood family would allow them safety. Ghuls understand what their plight is more than anyone and in that, this group banded together to provide safety and strength in their small numbers.

    Necromantic characters, may have heard of this group of Ghuls and ask them to be apart of their small numbers, in an interest to study the curious state of being half-dead. With the knowledge and magic of these other characters, the Ghuls have a high chance to survive and with their need to feed on corpses and fresh blood, the fleshcrafter art is never without material to work for.

    What kind of characters would be in this group?

    Largely, as stated before, those who are Ghuls or are necromantical inclined characters. In that though, the idea of stealth and secrecy must be acknowledged throughout the group or they would fail. Careful characters who seek refuge with those who understand their plight are ideal for this group. Any class can be understood in this group.

    Would deities serve a purpose in this group?

    Yes, absolutely. The idea of creating undead is a potent form of the Power within Faerun and to a lesser degree the Art. Any deity that embodies the idea of death and undeath are a welcome sight. Those that grant permission to use the undead would be held in a high regard, thanks to the knowledge granted to them from the gods. What I would like not to see is this group turning into a religious church however, any god is welcome as long as they do not oppose the concepts of necromancy and those creatures spawned from it. Clerics are welcome, but I ask not to see it turned into a single gods cult of undead.

    Does this group have a home?

    In order to keep themselves alive and keep the world guessing where they are, they are primarily a nomadic band of people who take shelter in long-forgotten temples, crypts and in the darker depths of the forests. Some may have a strong desire to reside where fresh corpses are placed and where strong necromantic energies are.

    How does this group function with a hierarchy?

    While there may be one person elected to the position of an elder or something alike, the group is nominally a democracy with each person putting in and weighing the ideas passed around. Each character knows the threat and consequences if they choose a foolish action, so it is within their best interest to consider all options and tactics. A wizard/cleric may take up a positon as an elected advisor on magical matters, but that is up to the group to decide.

    How does this group interact with the world around them?

    This group and the concepts that make it up are on the evil spectrum of alignment, therefore they would be an antagonistic group. However, they have a need to be secretive and cautious with all they do. And with that, they still require some comforts that are needed by their living counterparts.

    Mercenary Work: The group needs coin and equipment and would be willing to take up certain jobs that evil/neutral groups would need one without their name being attached for it. Though, even the group would work secretively to insure that they are not falling into a trap.

    Raiding: In for a night and out with a pound of flesh. Their need for fresh meat is a pressing issue as they need to survive by pillaging hamlets and farms to keep themselves from starving. Even thieving from the local markets and butchers would be needed.

    Necromantic Rituals/Study: The Ghuls themselves, allied with the necromantic colleagues may have a desire to study their own state and learn if there is a way to reverse their unfortunate fates or otherwise strengthen themselves to be contenders. They would assist those who need them with these tasks in exchange for knowledge.

    The City of the Dead: While this is a longstanding goal and may never be achievable, some members of this group may seek to rise up past the nomadic lifestyle that has been given them and set their feet somewhere in Arabel where they can live in relative peace and prosperity. A city dedicated to the advancement of necromancy and the protection of the intelligent undead. As any man wishes for a hearth to return to, why not these half-undeads?

    If there is any interest in this group, please let me know or respond here. While I do not have an approved character for a Ghul, I believe that making the effort to be a PC driven faction will help anyone who has an interest in creating such characters and it would be nice to see a more evil inclined group active and helping one another, due to a basic necessity of survival.


  • Just wanted to push this back up, I currently have a Ghul character approved. Still looking for teammates to put together player events and push stuff forward!


  • Having had the pleasure of hanging around Aus since they joined, I can say you'll have quite a bit of fun. RP is top notch and there's always some cool little way to learn something about their characters that make them deeply interesting!

  • This needs to happen. It sounds amazing. I can’t wait :3