Race: "Half" undead

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    When a woman is slain by a ghoul, or infected by ghoul fever while pregnant, there is a chance that the child (if valid) becomes a Ghul. Infected by the disease that blights the living when scratched or bitten by the ghoul, the child doesn't quite finish its transformation into one of the undead, and becomes stuck halfways between the world of the living and the undead. Technically 'Alive' Ghuls often appear pale, sickly, and stink of rotten flesh and carrion. Rarely living to old age due to the (often justified) prejudice of a world around them, Ghuls suffer discrimination wherever they go unless fortune bestowed upon them a family that loved them despite their visible afflictions. Unable to eat cooked meat or fruits, they dine upon fresh or rotten carrion- whichever is easier to get, and prefer to drink fresh blood from wherever possible. Small villages often drive them out as soon as possible, and wandering Ghuls are often mistaken by actual ghouls as one of their own, and the more intelligent Ghouls will use them as spies/scouts in small, poorly defended hamlets to spy out any nasty surprises that a raid might create. While tieflings merely face persecution on their appearance, Ghuls face persecution on their diet, their appearance, and their obvious ancestry at having had the misfortune of being born in a woman touched a Ghoul, and being near to term.

    The typical ghul is a wanderer- anywhere they sought to settle, their perverse diet soon discovered by the freshly undug graves, and the persistent odor of death that lingers around them seeing them driven off. Perhaps ghoul's follow them wherever they go, curious at this creature trapped between the world of hunger and the sun. They typically will wear thick clothing, regardless of the weather to hide their skin and appearance, and if wealthy and well-to-do enough, perfumes to try and mask their odor. Otherwise, they skulk at night, clawing at the trash left by inns from the spoiled flesh of the day's meal no longer serviceable to customers, and haunt graveyards for fresh victims to feast on.

    Despite it all, some Ghul's struggle against their inborn nature to devour the dead, and seek only animals and resist the urge to cannibalize their own kind. They use their gifts at being able to sense undead and other creatures of undeath to protect the community they are passing by by warning them of trouble coming- yet these ghul's are rare and far between, as most give into their dark cravings, and become little different than the beast that helped create them.

    +2 strength
    +2 charisma
    +4 dex
    +4 wisdom
    1/day ghoul's touch.
    Immunity to disease
    Immunity to Stat Drain
    50% immunity to negative energy
    50% weakness to divine damage.

    Favored alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Favored Class: Whatever their default race was.

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