Letter: Pathfinder Daxx

  • Daxx

    The reason Krag'thrax wants to utilise the Phaerimm is they feed off magic, He believes they will nullify Kangaaxs magics and let him claim the spark for his own nefarious purposes.

    I have an idea based off this.

    I believe with dissection and study of how Phaerimms feed off magic, A golem could be created on the same principles and sent to negate the liches magic so the Spark can be obtained.

    The Mythalite obtained would likely also power the golem and do the trick nicely.

    Seeker Ampharen, Champion of Gond

  • Warden,

    Well received. Meanwhile, what do you know of Kangaax? It is the first time I actually hear the name. Folks are not very sharing on information lately. Quite infuriating.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Daxx

    Likely one of the first liches if not the first.

    He's the one who wrote the tomes that mages looking to be a lich seek.

    Warden Ampharen