Letter to Lord Bhaliir

    Dear Lord Bhaliir,
    Joy of the dawn to you. I write this letter with a little bit of urgency having learned crucial information on the last divine march that happened in Old Town. When the church of Bane declared a divine march on the Tempus church, they used bleakstones and undead in order to win. They bent the King's Decree on divine marches, the law, to their will. As Militia and king's men could not interfere with the march, they claimed it was lawful and not technically illegal as the letter of the law did not state specifically that they need follow the King's law during a march. The items were retrieved before the battle from an undisclosed location and used during the attack on the church of Tempus.
    A trial happened afterwards in which people attempted to hold the Banites accountable for use of such vile things, but the church of Bane won as the letter of the law protected them.
    The Warden is the one who informed me of this information, and I intend to dig deeper. Before a divine march happens on the Banite Church, it is crucial that the Banite's supply to such items be cut off. I am told of a lab in the ruins that necromancers and their ilk like to parade around in.
    I am also told that one of the gangs, the River Saints most likely as they are smugglers, also could have been suppliers for this march. If not, we will have to go to extreme lengths to win such a battle against the Banite church. I would rather less lives be taken with an assured win than go in recklessly. On the news of the march, we have made progress. Though I suspect I should leave that matter to be discussed between you and Evander Dauntinghorn.
    I, personally, wish to investigate this matter as the use of undead and bleakstones is deplorable to the church of Lathandar. I will keep you updated with any further information found.
    With honor, Valeria Ashwood
    Retainer of House Dauntinghorn.

  • Miss Ashwood,

    It is still miss, isn't it? The men of Arabel would be sorely disappointed were it otherwise. Hope would flee from our hearts were it so, just as it did when the city militia turned a blind eye to these terrible atrocities committed by the tyrants disciples in my home.

    Indeed, the followers of Bane used all the vile means they could muster, taking soul-wrenching tools and murderous scum to make their will be done. In the end, corpses swam in pools of blood, and the stench of rotten flesh would mark the foul deed finished.

    Bloodstones were simply their means to an end. Bishop Waynolt disbanded this motley crew and threw the scum he used back in the gutter whence they came, and thus the banites were never again seen using these stones. Their ties appeared cut to the bloodstone ring and the criminal underworld, and nothing seems to indicate anything has changed since.

    You are welcome to investigate this matter if it's what you believe to be the right course of action. All I ask from you, miss Ashwood- is hope. Hope for a brighter future in Old Town, hope that the shadow of the Tyrant will be cast aside, and that the slums of Arabel shall once more bask in the glory of Lathanders light.

    Show my beloved brothers and sisters that there indeed is hope.

    Lord Bhaliir