Warden Ampharen

  • A copy of a letter is included with a short message to the Warden

    lord-bhaliir said in A letter to the Sembian Mob of Old Town:


    The Silent Court has decided each of the gangs of Old Town will be contributing to the well-being and reconstruction of our beloved district. One of my men will be dropping by for a withdrawal of 1000 gold to the coffers of Old Town- an equivalent of one Sembian finger.

    You have 36 (RL) hours to come up with the gold.

    The Master of Old Town

    You were right, he is an arrogant bastard. Threatening and extorting hard working refugees cause he thinks we're Criminals. While apparently making decisions with the actual crooks.

    Is this what the Chancellor gave him power for?


    // @verk

  • Angelo.

    My thanks for this information.

    His proper duties should be to bring peace to Old Town by dealing with the worst of the gangs. Those that deal in bloodstones, bring forth undead and worst onto the streets.

    It seems he is direly neglecting these duties.

    Come and see me for a reward for this information.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Whoever thought making the guy in charge of old town also in charge of the purples must have been sampling the mushrooms too.

    Old town is still bitter as the hells since the draft, you can't stick a noble dragon on top and expect them to play nice.

    You need someone both sides can trust to keep things in check. Just something to think on next time you meet with the Chancellor and tell her what her "Master of Old Town" is up to.


    P.s. Can I get some assurance that if I defend myself from whatever goons he sends my way to collect i won't be charged? Last thing I need is to end up in court for not wanting to get maimed.

  • Angelo.

    You won't be charged if you defend yourself.

    See what else you can dig up on this Silent Court. I'll pay well.

    Warden Ampharen

  • Warden

    Just to let you know, Bhaliir seems to instantly know I've been talking to you.
    So either plug whatever leak you got, or stop mentioning your sources to people.