Sembian Angel of Not Sembia but actually Oldtown

  • @SteveLichman
    Greetings most Angelly of Sembian Angels

    I am Boris Bumbletongue, future mayor of oldtown and overseer of the great new administration of Oldtown. There are a couple of problems that both of us maybe seeing within the fine district and perhaps can help one another! the First being the smelly river saints and there abominational Bloodstones, these are an affront to GEMkind and should be buried deep.

    Secondly is the fat rat Lordling who does like someone stuck a rat tail on his face or some fat bearded drunken dwarf woman did try and pencil that hideious mustache upon his pluckered lips. Bhaliir the... the... I am lost for words as to what name can be used to further highlight his truths as WORDS CANNOT DISCRIBE how much this man does need to go.

    Parley over Parsnip Poutine?

    Future Mayor of Oldtown
    Overseer of the New Oldtown Administration
    Boris Bumbletongue

  • Boris

    I gotta say, while you don't look like much you talk the right talk for sure.

    I'll be sending for you real soon.

    The Sembian Angel