Research Request for the Minister of Magic

  • @Mind-Over-Body

    Minister Cabellan,

    I would like to request a license to conduct some research into non-corporeal entities. I believe none of what I have in mind is against the law but it has become clear from recent interactions that the law-makers and enforcers of this city are happy to lump everything of this nature under the category of "defiling the dead."

    This is not a request to meddle with undeath, mind you. But it does, as you might have guessed, relate to Scull.

    The goal of this research is to determine the exact nature of the being or beings that communicate with Scull and come to her aid. This includes but is not limited to answering the following questions:

    1) Are these beings ghosts, spirits, or something else?
    2) Are they being compelled?
    3) Is communication between these beings and others aside from Scull possible? If so, what do they want?
    4) Does a second soul reside within Scull's body or stay otherwise bound to her?
    5) Is Scull's nature the result of a pact?
    6) Does Scull's nature pose a threat to herself or others?
    7) Does Scull create undead creatures?
    😎 Can Scull harness her powers in such a way as to fight the undead?
    9) Can Scull harness her powers in such a way as to fight the Shadovar?

    I believe this is a worthwhile pursuit for many reasons; some altruistic, some selfish, and some simply for the sake of understanding something new and currently unknown. More than anything else, I want to see this poor girl find her place in the world and thrive.

    As for the license I'd like to request. I worry that those who are not learned in the magical arts might see Scull unjustly detained or worse for crimes that she has not committed. This license would be a compromise, denoting her case as valuable for research purposes and granting her protection from being persecuted without authorization from the Minister of Magic. The holder of the license would not be me but Scull herself; otherwise, I'd feel like I was treating her like a lab rat. This way, she could have some assurance that she won't be in danger from the militia, yet the power will still remain in the hands of the city council.

    I've attached a copy of the form you put up a while ago. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Morgan Faulkner
    Fledgling of the Church of Akadi
    Apprentice to Mistral Ophirae Miavyre
    Town Planning Administrator of the Bishopric of Tilverton

    General Information

    Full Name: Morgan Faulkner
    Place of Birth: [OOC note: I've always said Morgan grew up in a small farming village but I never bothered to look up something appropriate from the setting]
    Mailing Address: Rallyhorn Memorial College, Tilverton
    Gender: F

    Magical and Researches Information

    Original School of Magic: General
    Deity: Akadi
    School Specialization: None
    Field(s) of Research: Elemental magic, spell alterations, non-corporeal entities
    Highest Circle Spell Known: Fourth
    Familiar/Companion Type: Dog
    Familiar/Companion (Name): Bianca


    Father or Mother (Name):
    Master (Name):
    Academy (Name):