Wax-Sealed Letter addressed: "The Warden"

  • Dear warden,

    Beyond the delight that is standard Arabelian politics, whatever cult has notority this month and whichever foolish arch-mages decided life is too dull and open a rift to shadow plane/Rift/Baator and spice up our lives, the girl in question, Scull is actually relatively harmless in comparrison.

    That is, she has no control over what her power decided to actually do at any given time when she is attacked, meaning there's not a snowballs chance in Baator that she's going to be doing much of anything for the forseable future.

    Powers include but are not limited to:
    -Summoning of undead spirits
    -reanimation of a tiny bird
    -some kind of ranged attack
    -possibly one or more buff spells

    It is really, really a waste of resources to go after her since the power takes such a toll on her she couldn't possibly keep it up for any lengthy period of time.

    Return address is the spire, room 27.


    Deputy Krown