Letter to several people

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    To Warden Christoph Ampharen, Sergeant Ysolt Argenta, Doctor Etholycus, Horace of the Golden Guard, Ser Evander Dauntinghorn and Valeria Ashwood,

    I write to you today regarding the woman known as Scull who recently came to Arabel. There is much concern and understandably so over her condition, and I would like to attempt to assuage some of those concerns. As a scholar of the arcane arts, I believe I can clear up a few misunderstandings. I don't have all the answers, obviously, as many of the details of her condition are a mystery. But I hope you will all bare with me as I try to figure out how to approach things.

    First of all, we have no way of knowing how exactly Scull came to find herself in this situation, nor who or what is responsible. Her claim that she was born in a tomb and has been touched by Clar Banda does not answer these questions to any kind of satisfaction. What I can say for certain is that she does not suffer from a curse. I have some theories regarding the nature of her powers but they are merely speculation, and if I'm being honest, I think we've done enough of that. Also, it's important to keep in mind the possibility that no one is to "blame" for what she is, and that this simply is a thing that people can be, no right or wrong about it. And if that's the case, we need to understand her, not condemn her or limit her freedoms.

    Second, Scull does not appear to fit the label of an infernalist or necromancer, as she seemingly does not have control over entities that arise to protect her. The bond she has with the dead, something that has been with her all her life and that she did not choose, does not make her a criminal. She clearly doesn't even understand it herself.

    I am concerned that some among us have been treating Scull unfairly. That I have heard discussion of executing her is greatly disturbing, even if such an idea is meant for a worst case scenario. To be frank, far more dangerous people with actual, demonstrably harmful intent have been allowed to walk the streets of Arabel in recent times with nowhere near the level of disdain I've seen shown toward this confused girl, born into a world that is not interested in understanding her and would rather see her dead.

    I don't say this to be inflammatory or to condemn any of you. You are my friends, allies and colleagues, and these are simply my thoughts on the matter in a general sense. However, there are some specific things that I believe we can all do better.

    As she does not appear to be a danger to herself or others, our first priority concerning Scull should be to understand her. Let's not make assumptions about what's "wrong" with her. And we must stop calling her condition a "curse." It's inaccurate and will give others the wrong idea. I don't even like describing it as a "condition," as that implies it's also an "affliction" and not simply a state of being.

    To Etho and Horace, please defer to myself and Priestess Penny Glimwater of Mystra before pursuing any course of action regarding Scull. I ask this as a favour as I have no authority over Scull's autonomy, nor do any of us. But I believe Penny is uniquely qualified to understand and learn more about her, and I intend to work closely with her on the matter. However, I will likely call on you both at times as I value your perspectives and experience.

    To everyone, please understand that my concerns lie first and foremost with respecting Scull's personhood. She obviously needs help, and I believe we can give her that while being mindful not to treat her as a problem that needs to be solved by force if necessary.

    Morgan Faulkner

    [One more copy is sent to Penny Glimwater with an additional note.]


    Check out this disaster I'm inviting upon myself.

    In all seriousness, I don't mean to volunteer you for anything. Let me know if you don't want anything to do with this. But I'm interested to learn more about Scull and I'm hoping others will get off her back and let that happen.

    I think everyone means well. But... Well, you were there. It's a confusing thing, this tie Scull has with the dead, and I'm worried the fear is going to get out of hand.


  • Morgan.

    She calls upon the dead and they answer this is defiling the dead no matter how you try and spin it.

    Should Scull ignore my decree that to prevent this from happening she is to avoid dangerous situations she will be punished for her crimes.

    Warden Ampharen

  • If this is a research you wish to take upon yourself and Penny, as the minister of magic and friend I will offer you the support you need.

    If you require something out of the ordinary and require a license, please come and meet with me and we will talk.

    -Etholycus Cabellan, Scientist, Theorist, Mechano-Wizard, Minister of Magic.

  • Morgan,
    I love you dear. I really do. But as a servant of the Morninglord, I must set this matter straight. I want nothing more than to find a way to get rid of whatever is ailing Miss Scull and see to it that spirits stop rising. As a retainer of house Dauntinghorn, I can assure you that it has been confirmed to me, by the Warden of the Militia, that what is happening with Miss Scull is against the law.
    Even if these spirits are benevolent, and that remains to be seen as there is no proof for either side of the spectrum other than Miss Scull's word, they would still be counted under the current law as undead. I promised Miss Scull I would do everything in my power to prevent harm that could come her way if this continues. And I have. Her life has been saved twice.
    This is why Evander and I came to you and Ophirae, seeking a solution to stop the dead from rising in whatever form they do. Furthermore, Miss Scull had an undead bird familiar that I personally gave a proper burial for. I know this situation is not ideal, but trying to bend the law to our liking is now how things work. I promise we are going to try our best, and I will not let this situation escalate if I can help it. For now, it is best Miss Scull avoid any type of mortal danger that comes with adventuring. We'll talk soon.
    With Joy,
    Valeria Ashwood.