To those dealing with Scull's Necromatic issues

  • Okay...Those involved with Scull today was awesome. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. And to see how many came just to get involved. I love it.

    Penny especially. I so love your conclussion on what is it really with Scull and her fused two souls...DMs I want to run that idea now.

    You guys are shaping Scull in a way I did not even think about thank you all.

    And here's hoping she can be accepted for what she is.

  • @Zargen-of-Zandor I love that PC. That was the opportunity Horace was waiting for! He is specialized to help people being somewhat on the edge of the community or are different or have problems. (Oh, yes, with today's events Scull is not on the edge anymore, but was.) So, I hope I can play out my PC well with Scull's necro problems!
    Thank you for the RP, it was great