Cassius Velisarius’ Journal

  • I finally got settled in Arabel. I found it rather easy to join the Militia as a deputy, but it seems to be a weightless title.

    Today I found Boris, the troublemaking gnome, roaming in town. I shamefully must admit I haven’t been reading the wanted list lately, so I had to assume he was out of it. I told him I would smite him, should he be wanted by the Law again.

    He was being followed by Stephan, a mage I had drafted to solve a minor problem in an abandoned wizard’s tower, and he stepped in the defense of the gnome. I told him when storm came he would have to pick a side, now wasn’t it The Pitiless One’s will that a storm came only hours later and, in the stocks, Stephan locked in my reach. I followed the Wardens orders and humiliated the man. I told him he better had learned his lesson.

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  • I managed to get my hands on powerful objects today, only to have it ruined by that gnome, Boris. He made such a loud mess about it, I had to give them to the Royal Scout. I long for the day I shall deliver its dead carcass to The Pitiless One.

    While on a mission, our party has been contacted by a powerful entity, a Devil serving an even greater being. It proposed a deal to the last of us standing and it wasn't long before a generalized fight began. For a moment I thought it was leaning my way, but then I got knocked out. Only through my Lords power have I made it out alive. Praise be the Lord of the Dead.

  • The End Is Nigh. Pieces are starting to move. I'll soon start expeditions to the netherese ruins. The prophecies are there somewhere, waiting for me. I can feel it in my bones.

  • The netherese who tried to escape their fate have awoken. Not even them can escape the cold embrace death.
    At the same time, the priestess that watches over Tilverton have suffered a dreadful defeat.
    I have no doubts these are omens of Tilverton's doom.
    I must be getting closer to the scrolls.

  • Martial law has been enforced, a time to thread carefully. I threw the few posters I could in alleys and sewers between the patrols.
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  • I've visited the ancient library with the help of Pathfinder Daxx and a sembian, probably a mobster.
    Ini-Herit was not who I expected, but his presence and words were undoubtly powerful. He said eight suns will rise and then the false sun will fade. The first one to rise will be Caiphon the Violet.
    In the end he told me what I seek is the Spark of Divinity. I've been told there are three of them and that Elodie, Hardcastle and Manzahar have them.
    Doing a little research I came to the conclusion that Manzahar will be the best path, so I'll try to contact him.

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