The Golden Guard

  • To whom it may concern,

    You dont know me, I am a butcher in Old Town and I have a proposal. I am in need of mercenaries for a job, you will be paid 10,000 gold coins after the job, how many men you wish to provide for the job depends on how charitable you feel after meeting you.

    I will be accompanying you, so you know it is not a foolhardy suicide mission.

    Seek me out when one of your number is available.

    William Carver

  • Mr. Carver,

    I'll admit you have us intrigued. Lady Fate does often smile upon our work and the good we do for King and Country. Your offer though seems out of place if you will, unless the meat industry does better than expected in Old Town. While cautious, we're also not a Company to look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Before taking on a job we do like to have all the information possible ahead of time. If that is too sensitive for a letter, we can meet at your convenience. As the Company diplomat I can then provide the information to the Co-Founders and we can see to the job being done.

    -With the highest respect,

    Underneath the signature is the official Standard of the Golden Guard
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