Spellcaster Shops or more spellslot gear

  • Since the removal of Socket Gems, sorcerers, wizards, and clerics were never compensated with any kind of spellslot gear in game, besides crummy circle 1 slot items.

    Please either add a shop with slot gear for casters (especially crummy sorcs plz) or more loot with such into the server. One way to do it would be to compact loot. Example: Gypsy's wizard/sorc belt could be combined into Belt of Arcane Aid, and have wizard 1+2 slots, and sorc 1+1+2+2 slots or something along those lines. This would mean less overall useless garbage found in quests, since the gear would be more generalized.

  • DMs

    We can add in both.

    Loot found items will be better than store bought, but no reason not to have both.

  • I can do this. Bug me when I get back from my conference.