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    Golden Guard,

    Since I know not all of your members have access to our files, I thought I would send you a more open missive that you could hand to your companions. As you know, we’re in the early phases of pulling together our knightly order, and things are still being ironed out.

    I have begun discretely recruiting people I think would make a good fit for the goals of the organization, those who may enjoy the lifestyle or philosophy and those who just seem ambitious enough to want to give this a go. I don’t expect everyone will get there in the end and I expect all of us will learn a great deal about how these things are done properly on the road to its perfection as an ideal.

    In that respect, I come before you today not as the Mistral and leader of Tilverton, but as the commander of the Aspirants of Akasha. I am seeking initial recruits for this Order, I have no plans to ask them to chose between loyalties to your company or to the village, so for the time being they will be allowed to remain members of your company and their training and exploration of the virtues and philosophies of the Order will be handled when their daily tasks for your company are done.

    When we announce the Order publicly, we will be more formalized and recruits would be required to wear the colors of the Order if they decide to pursue this path, but during this training (and experimentation) phase, I am willing to be flexible on the matter.

    If this is amiable to you and yours, I have prepared an outline of the Order, it’s strictures and goals for dissemination among your members.

    Aspirants of Akasha

    The Aspirants are a knightly order founded upon the wisdom of the Primordial gods, integrating traditional chivalric values and a unique set of philosophies that invite people to learn rather than assign the strictest code of conduct to every action. It is an Order for free thinkers, idealists and cynics alike that seek first to understand the wisdom of the Elemental viewpoint and then bring their understanding of it to the world.

    The Order swears allegiance to the Village of Tilverton, the Church of Akadi and the monarch of Cormyr in that order, thus it acts as an extension of all three organizations and will promote the goals, safety and security of them.

    Its other goals are fairly straight forward:

    • Protect Tilverton and the Crown from enemies of nature and nature itself when appropriate.
    • Promote the dissemination of natural philosophies of the Primordial gods.
    • Protect those that respect the natural order of the world from those that do not.
    • Hone mastery of the elements into tools for living, martial and otherwise.

    Our code is likewise fairly easy to understand and share:

    • Truth will be spoken at all times, the strength of the Elemental viewpoint does not care for the feelings of those that hear things they dislike.
    • Loyalty and respect are earned, civility is a common right.
    • Be as you wish to be perceived.
    • Strength comes in many forms and is to be cultivated at every opportunity to best represent the power of the Primordial deities.
    • Using the strength of the the Elemental powers to defend those who cannot defend themselves grows the understanding of the Primordial forces and demonstrates their value in the lives of the common man.
    • Rising to every challenge is not required, nor is issuing a challenge for every slight. Once entered, however, a challenge should be seen as an opportunity to cultivate or demonstrate ones skills; you will give no less than your all.
    • Forgive transgressions and offer mercy through teaching of your philosophies; mortals are quick to adapt, but the Natural view looks to the long term. These things may take time. Death should be the absolute last resort.
    • Promoting the philosophies of the Primal does not require conversion at the point of the sword or threat of violence. Those that come to practice them will do so of their own accord, do not force it upon them.

    Each of the four paths in our Order relates to an element with its own viewpoint and philosophy associated with the teachings of its Primordial Power, shaped to be more humanoid-centric and understandable while maintaining the spirit of its associations. People will find things that resonate with their personal moral compass and will come to practice them of their own accord which is entirely the point.

    Any who would walk this path are welcome, regardless of blood, past or current ability. We will provide training, supplies related to that training, and when we are established more prominently, there will be equipment and so forth associated with the primary elements.

    Those who join us can expect an education in elementals, planar relations and plenty of travel as we develop our team work into a cohesive unit.

    I must emphasize, we welcome anyone to join us but eventually you will be required to don our colors if you wish to walk this road to knighthood.

    Questions can be sent to me at any time, in person or by letter.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Acting Knight Commander of the Aspirants of Akasha


  • Ophi, @TheTwistingWind

    Forgive my ignorance, as I pay little heed to the gods outside of Tyche, what is the meaning behind the name "Akasha"?

    Also, isn't it a bit against the stated goal to promote the Primordial elemental gods but require allegiance to the Church of Akadi? Wouldn't a follower of Kossuth who believes in your mission be put off by this requirement for example?

    My finally concern is not the allegiance to the Crown but it's place in the ordering. If not for the Crown, Tilverton would not be the Bishopric under your command that it is today. I could see an argument for devotion to the church being first, but allegiance to the Crown should be before the village proper, in my humble opinion.

    I am not trying to punch holes in your order, I like the underlying principles, just had questions and concerns regarding where allegiances are placed.

    -With the highest respect,

  • Raynor,

    I knew I forgot some things, well spotted.

    To begin, Akasha is from a minor dialect of archaic Bedine that relates to being seen or showing and open air or space within the context of the mind or one's private lodging. It can also be thought of as open sky or vacuousness. In this context it would translate to seeing inside through the lens of the sky.

    Or less accurate, more readably: Those who show the sky (freedom) inside.

    Pledging allegiance to the Church is something of a contentious issue, I fully grant you, however in the same way we seek to promote the power /of/ the Primordial Gods, one does not need to actively worship one of them to draw from their wisdoms and teachings. We do not require conversion to any god, we do not demand it of others; people are invited to consider them through their philosophies and take their worship as they decide.

    It would not be unreasonable, for example, to see a Helmite or a Tormite take up the philosophies of the Unyielding Hand- which focus primarily on discipline and honoring one’s word, acting as a bulwark against those who cannot defend themselves and other (more traditional) knightly pursuits. These are not strict religious doctrinal components but paths of philosophy and ways of thinking that draw from the primordial.

    In pushing these ideals and goals, through whatever lens one might see them, we are bringing those teachings into the world once more. The Elemental viewpoint isn’t necessarily one that needs to be shoved into someone’s face, it is one that can suffuse everything and influence through subtlety.

    To your other question, I’ve discussed this with Pathfinder Daxx who shared many of the same concerns, I’ll do my best to ally yours as I did with him. The Village and Church are both loyal to his royal majesty, however due to the nature of my faith and the Elemental viewpoint at large, it’s hard for me to say that this will always- unequivocally- be the case.

    I’ve fought in many wars on behalf of the nation of Cormyr and because of its views and ideals, I will fight in many more. However, the Primordials do not care for the concerns of mortals or the rise and fall of nations; they see it all and will see it all again before the end of time. Therefore, it is my considered opinion that pledging fealty first to a nation is to sacrifice the individual identity and inherent basic freedoms that our philosophies engender.

    Where as most of our aspirants will be drawn from the village, theirs will be an automatic (assumed) investment in the well being and safety of it, in the goddess that oversees it and the nation that allows it. Put to a fine point, we are responsible for our own well being and the protection of our friends, families and homesteads before anything else. Putting that cart before that horse in an Order so young and- as yet- untested is an invitation to disaster.

    I hope this has answered your questions and concerns, but if I’ve done poorly or simply raised more red flags, please let me know.

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Acting Knight Commander of the Aspirants of Akasha

  • Ophi, @TheTwistingWind

    Thank you for the clarification. My concerns are sated as you've addressed them. I only feared a Crown Forces member inquiring about a potential paramilitary force acting out of a Bishopric with allegiances to something other then the Crown first and foremost. You've quelled that fear, and I think you'd be in a fine position to quell the inquiry of any Crown Forces member should the need arise.

    I suspect it never will, but I wouldn't be doing right by you if I did not ask. May Lady Fate smile on this endeavor of yours.


  • Raynor,

    We need to think on this and discuss it privately. I’m not sure I’m liking the idea of Tilverton poaching my members.

    No offense to you Ophi, you have my respect and my sword. However, a mans loyalties become scattered when they become a Knight. As a sellsword, life is simpler.

    That said, I will keep an open mind and eye for candidates.


  • @gruffman

    I'm not meaning offense or to poach, I'm simply making an offer that people are free to partake of (or not) as their interests dictate. Even so, there's plenty of room to go through things and decide in the end not to follow on with this endeavor but to go back to the life they had.

    I'd rather not see a company fractured because they felt they had to give up members or something of that description, I only mention it to you because of your professionalism and skill. Perhaps I was foolish to do so, to impinge on our relations for that I apologize.

    Truth told and in all candor, I find myself already missing that lifestyle again.