Letter to Raynor Steel

  • Crown Forces


    The Councillor has seen to the exemption of the Red Ravens and the Green Dragons. She confirmed this to me and mentioned it was thanks to your negotiations on their behalf.

    Let me know if you have informed them of this.

    Good work.

    -- Pathfinder Daxx

  • Crown Forces


    You are truly a godsend from the Crown. While the Chancellor had indicated this would be the case, her official proclamation did not include their names originally. Hopefully you can understand my concern and doubt.

    Thank you for following up on this on my and their behalves and for officially clearing this up. I'll send correspondence to both companies right away.

    -My deepest thanks,

  • Crown Forces


    As long as they carry something that identifies the as members of the company, they will be fine. If the tax collector gives them trouble, they can send them our way.

    -- Daxx


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