Temple of Tyche [DM]

  • Bera Mirna,

    Rare is the day in which faiths stand together against secular grandstanding in realms those organizations have no business playing, but we of the faith of Akadi wish to ensure that Tyche’s city remains such. The Chancellor’s initiative, while certainly bold and adventurous, shows a distinct lack of respect for the spirit of the Lady of Luck’s contribution to the city and nation at large.

    Our faith is but a tiny one, something we hope to grow in Arabel as the changing nature of this place and people lends itself well to those who seek true Freedom as High Priest Lauthyr did. We do not seek to supplant the Twin Natures of fate, but to encourage those who seek their own destiny to do so, thus we come before you as willing partners in an endeavor to see that Tyche holds the Lady’s House and patrons a city known for being Hers.

    We are prepared to enter this ill conceived contest on behalf of our faith, we desire only a public shrine in the Congress. If we are successful in winning the contest, we will publicly endorse the Tychan faith as the rightful owners of the building and the spiritual center of Arabel; above politics and the desires of one person-- attempting to oust you after we’ve won would expose the Chancellor to be a fraud and actively against both our faiths.

    We’ve no desire to see you forced out and will stand with you- by force of arms if absolutely necessary- to ensure you are not ejected from the building in exchange for a public shrine within the building in the main area across from you.

    My word both verbal and with this document are all I can offer for trust, but some years ago you prevented a civil war with a few carefully chosen words and a bit of trust, I believe we can do so now.

    Sincerely and respectfully,

    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral (High Priestess) of Akadi

    Bishopric of Tilverton

  • Mistral Miavyre,

    The Congress of Faiths is owned by Valiant Kraliqh, not the Chancellor nor the city itself. The claimed contest was a blatant violation, though bold effort, against the city's laws and our faith.

    Should your faith wish to join the Congress of Faiths, we would welcome you after a suitable demonstration of your commitment to the city in a bold and grand style; Mister Kraliqh's opinion and gaining his support may also help but he typically leaves the management of the Congress to the faiths within it.

    Thus, I'd aim to do acts that support the faiths of Lathander, Selune, Ilmater, Waukeen, and Tyche in your efforts to walk amongst us and support the faiths of Arabel.

    Luckbringer Mirna

  • @mr-moloch


    That is indeed an interesting angle I'd not considered. Thank you for the information and I will do my best to get in touch with you once we've something to show. In the meantime, please consider us willing support in reference to the previous letter; ours is a faith that doesn't look favorably upon coercion by force.

    Thank you for the clarification.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Mistral of Akadi