Sembian Mob

  • Hello gents,

    Good to see you rats kicking up a fuss again, honestly it’s been a bit quiet around here recently.

    A friendly heads up, you keep doing what you’re doing behind the walls of Old Town, peddling your hate speech and fear mongering, and everything is well and good. Nobody really cares what you do down there, and if you need a hand murdering some necromancers you give me a shout.

    You step one foot into the heart King’s city and start causing a scene however and you’ll have an arrow in your neck faster than you can say “fuck me Tomas Ventari is a handsome son of a gun”

    I’ll be watching you chaps, you have a good day now.

    • Royal Scout Tomas Ventari.

  • Ventari

    Good to know Cormyrian values never change.
    Keep the Sembians in the slum or in the ground.

    I gotta say, wandering the Citadel I met some real nice folk. Made me wonder if times were changing. But now I see that some things never do.

    But if we need some corpse humper vaguely threatened and then mostly left alone, we'll call for you. That is your speciality right?

    The Sembian Angel

  • You're free to go where you want and do what you want chap, as long as you're not trying to piss on anyone's boots.

    Hell, you can come for a smoke and a chat about keeping Old Town safe and secure from cults and necromancers if you want.

    Sadly you lot have a shitty track record when it comes to not being a bunch of dickheads, so consider this just a flag in the sand that the good folk of the King's Army are here keeping an eye on the salt of the earth folk of Azoun's city.

    Put this in a frame and hang it over your bed so you see it every morning before you want to do something stupid.


    • Scout Ventari.