William Carver

  • Carver,

    I know we don't see much of eachother, but I think I got a plan. The Gaters are spread all over high-Hell in those gatehouses. I think we should make a move. Try for the gate on the northernmost wall. That'd put us close to a potential friend, lord Bhaliir, and give us a place to defend if he turns on us. Right now, all broke up like we are, it's dangerous.

    Met a fine young man myself today. Grant. Says he's game to help us out as well. Also, those mercs in the Golden Guard are up to something. Could disrupt what little trade we do have going. We should try and meet soon.

    -Early the cobbler.

  • Early,

    It warms my very heart to hear from you.

    Seek me out before making a move, and let me speak with Bhaliir, that I can get the measure of him.

    William Carver

  • We might not get a chance to meet, I'll have a long look at the gate sitting toll collectors the next few days. You think I should check on Bhaliir? I mean, he'd want a friendly gate nearest his garrison? Maybe exchange weapons and armor for defending it?

    Tell me your thoughts.


  • I'll see about getting you some armour and weapons before you make a move.

    WIlliam Carver