Albon's House of Pleasures.

  • Mister Albon.

    It has come to my attention that certain business deals were being discussed Between yourself and the Sembian Mob some time ago, Deals that were cut short by their untimely demise.

    I am sure that you have received a letter from Bhaliir, just as we have, trying to get you to act like one of your petals and give him everything just cause he flashes some coin your way.

    We both know you have more Pride than that, but we both know the palace doesn't have the strength to stand up to him alone.
    A good number of your petals are Sembians, family to us, what say you we make an alliance that's a little more official?

    I get that you may not have the most faith in us, given my predecessors. But I'm sure we can come to some Arrangement.
    After all, we both survived them.

    The Sembian Angel

  • [A pleasure house worker of Sembian descent is given a few gold to leave this letter right on Albon's desk]

  • Admin [DM]

    Look, lad.

    I pimp women for gold. I ain't brown nosing or turning down some Cormyrian Lord.


  • Albon

    I figure we got off on the wrong foot, I get that I ain't getting anything without doing something for you.

    I'm willing to take on that courier job you made a posting about, see if we can't start up a proper working relationship here.

    The Sembian Angel


  • A wise choice.

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