A letter to the River Saints of Old Town

  • Pirates,

    As I understand it, many of you were once Blue Dragons of his Majesty fleet who then mutinied in search of a better life. I can understand such an urge to grow rich. Still, it is mindboggling how carelessly you have thrown yourself to become a vocal enemy against House Wyvernspur in the process, not to mention the entire blue Navy. And now I hear that House Dauntinghorn has send its representative to see you gone.

    I am willing to let bygones be bygones and offer you a chance at a new life where your operations will be handled in a more clandestine manner. As the Master of Old Town, I am forming a council of Old Town, where the main slines will be offered a seat and a voice to impact the future of Old Town. I may be inclined to offer one of you a seat in this council, if you recognize my authority as the master and protectorate of our home.

    So, either you go with the current, or against it. That is up to you.

    Lord Bhaliir