A letter to the Orphanage of Old Town

  • Mamma,

    To hear the sounds of the children playing tag in my home continues to bring a tear of joy to my eye. The Orphanage remains one of the few awe inspiring cradles of Old Town- for it remains a symbol of hope to all the children of the North born with no roof over their heads, abandoned by the promise of a prosperous future.

    Watching you fight for your place in Old Town is no pleasure of mine. Remember that I was once like you- a child cast out of his home. And like you, I had to learn through the hard way to survive. While it taught me the means to fight, it was still no way a child grow. On the road, with only I will ensure our siblings will not shar can continue to play their games without fear of being bullied by the world. I will provide you the protection you need, as your protectorate.

    As you were among the few who vouched her support for my darling protege Elodie Ledoux, and as it is because of you that she now sits as our chancellor- let me thus pay you back in return. No longer should your children be forced to defend their home- let real men of Bhaliir do it for you. And in return- As the gravious Master of Old Town, I further offer you a seat in my Council to act as a voice of wisdom and reason.

    Your children are the future. Help us shape that future.

    Lord Bhaliir