A letter to the Archprelates of Old Town

  • Heretics,

    I don't care much for your godless ways, and you know as well as I do there is only one paragon of humanity of Arabel- and that is us. I'll help you drive out the banites and rebuild that temple in my name. I will even allow you to join my flock and forgive all your crimes if only you surrender your assets and change those colors of yours blue.

    As it stands, I've met a couple of your members in the past. And both of them appeared to have their head in the right place- at least momentarily. Show me there's at least a couple of sane people that are still there with you. For you know as well as I- that in the end, there will only be one banner left in Old Town.

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  • Admin [DM]

    You are wrong,

    We are not godless, for there is a god in each of us, the Spirit of Man is in itself a divinity, splintered and fractured in each of us. By cultivating this spirit, each man is capable of Miracles. By pursuing our ambition, striking achievement, wealth, and victory- can this spirit coalesce into true divine power, and voice of man channeled through its champion and leader. The gods you speak of suckle from the teat of this spirit in each of us when we grant them our faith- by placing the faith in ourselves, we grow the spirit in us.

    If you erase the Banite presence, many of us will happily sing your praises, if you convert to our creed, we will be yours entirely.

    Olga the Destroyer

  • Olga,

    Your men have in the past shown initiative, though they have done little to impress me. I only know that those of my house display the best qualities of mankind, and we do not sit around waiting for our opponents to challenge us. Instead, we act.

    As the master of old town, I will offer you and your men a seat in my council to help me forge the future of Old Town. If you truly possess the best qualities of mankind, then you will set aside your differences with other gangs in this council, where you will be allowed to sway my belief toward whatever it is you preach.

    We will forge the future of our home.

    Lord Bhaliir