A letter to the Cobble Demons of Old Town

  • Teenagers,

    You are making a very bad name for my beloved district with your ridiculous shenanigans. At the same time, you are the future of my district, and I'd hate to see the youth waste away all that potential in some wild goose chase for trivial offerings of power, when there is so much more you can do.

    I understand most of you were born only after my family lost its holdings in the North, and I get that you may have lost your faith in the system during this dreadful period. Know that in the past, Arabel used to be a much better place for those in search of power. We had a system, with my house at its head.

    So here's my offer. I am willing to grant any one of you amnesty if you turn from your current path to disaster and flock to my new battalion, where you will be trained to become the "real deal". I will give you a shot at becoming what you desire to be under my tutelage.

    For those who refuse this offer, I suggest you still show your allegiance to house Bhaliir openly. After all, did I not remove you your worst competition- the Chaos Brigade? Yet there has been no sign of gratitude. I am very disappointed!

    Do respond. As a master of Old Town, I'll always have an open ear for my people.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Admin [DM]

    Thy speaketh the truth in removing our arch-rivals, the dedicated spawn of evil and chaos and the maligned bloodpacts of the hag. Yet- dost thou cast thy hungry eyes of ambition upon us next as well? I cannot be sure, fretful of speakers of silent gods are we- as we seek to commune with the cosmos and its many powers. If thou promiseth our safety and security and the assurances that our supplications to powers beyond are kept safe, then we shall cease the pilfering and profit of these bloodstones that bringeth wealth to spread the gospel of our beloved patrons and engage in 'constructive' development rather than eke our place in the corners of shadows, desperate for food, blankets, and warmth- denied to us by the Ilmateri who call us heretics.

    If this suits you, we will happily agree to your...involvement and speak of you in praise.

    The Prince of Cobbles,

  • Primarch,

    The only ambition I have for old town is unity against those who seek to shackle us. I am not here to take from you your future, but neither am I here in search of foolish praises. The gangs that we now have are simply too weak to fend off the would be assailants on their own. This threaten our way of life, I fear with the latest development of these "elections" will soon pose a threat to our existence.

    As the master of Old Town, I will be bringing all the gangs of Old Town together under one banner in order to become one, united force. You can call it the Council of Old Town.

    And I offer you, Primarch, a seat in this table where the future of Old Town will be decided, if you are willing to show your loyalty to the master of Old Town- that is I.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Admin [DM]

    A man serves but his faith, My Lord Bhaliir, as we bendeth the knee to powers remote and far- yet audible unlike Silent Gods. I speak for a fractured whole of many minds, yet my voice is the most reasonable you will find.

    I will partake in this as long as your wishes and desires do not affront the Great Inevitable.

    The Primarch