A letter to the Kingsmen of Old Town

  • Gentlemen, it is high time you start properly contributing to common well-fare of Old Town. You once challenged me openly and were forced to hear the dragons roar. Now you skulk in the shadows. That, is to end today.

    You are to return back to the fold. The King has blessed me with the power to grant amnesty to any man or woman who swear their oaths of fealty and joins the Storm Dragon Battalion. I will even guarantee you can continue living whatever splendorous lifestyle you've enjoyed in Old Town- as part of my family.

    You have 3 days to decide.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • DMs

    [Many raucous songs are heard from old bitter veterans that a real dragon has come to Old Town, many youngsters look nervous that they apparently might not be allowed to perform mischief...]

    //Leaving this for players to formally respond to.

  • Lord Bhaliir,

    We are not seeking 'amnesty', but ill meet with you to discuss what you can offer the good patriots of Old Town, and what in turn we can do for our beloved King.

    Ive seen what you did to those freaks in the chaos brigade, and its good, but we've a way to go when theres demon worshippers and Sembian mongrels hiding shadovar agents in the very streets my forebearers have built and have proudly dwelled within for some twenty generations.

    Call upon me when you would,

    William 'The Butcher' Carver

  • Foolish of you not to consider such an offer, William Carver. Of all the gangs I trust none more than I do the Kingsmen, who know that their duty is above all else to Crown and Country, and that through me you will achieve your purpose here, were you to pledge your oath to Cormyr and join my army.

    Still, your name has come across my eyes in good light before, and I am willing to give you a chance despite your decline. Know that I, as the master of Old Town, intend to unite all of the worthy gangs of Old town under one banner to gain control of everything.

    It shall all begin with a council, where all the the heads of the main slines will be granted a chair and a voice. Sadly, the Kingsmen at current state are not among the main, but your abilities and past proclaims of loyalty have proven you to be worthy of- perhaps a stool, in this council.

    If you wish to be a part of the future of Old Town, this is your opportunity to shine and represent the Kingsmen in this council.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • Lord Bhaliir,

    There are those among us who have served, returned from fighting Sembians to find thise same wretches taking bread from our mouths. This whole area was brewers, bakers, cobblers and men plying a trade, feeding their families, teaching their children who to trust and who to strike.

    If your looking for men to join an army so you can force them to march into the desert, returning to find our good wives bellies swollen with Sembian offspring, then you'll be disappointed. The heart and soul of Cormyr is being fought for every day in these streets. This is the battlefield it'll be won on. If thats where your going to post us, and winning Old Town for them who built it is what you have in mind, i'll bend the knee tomorrow.

    Your offer of a stool is noted, but once the demon worshippers, Sembians, and godless curs are all dead, we can talk of seats and tables.

    When our families are safe from these invaders.

    William Carver

  • If you used to serve in the military mr. Carver, then you'd know that as Oversword my Battalion's are tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of our fortifications, and the security of our homes. What good would my forces be in a desert?

    I offer you this stool to sit at this table as it is an opportunity for you and your brothers to make your mark and stand out against the Mains. The council will be a place, where you can forge your alliance with other gangs and grow in the process. All I need is that you take part in this council and accept me as your master, for the good of Old Town.

    Lord Bhaliir

  • a letter is hastily scrawled, having obviously not read what anyone else written other than the initial letter

    If fighting men is what you want, fighting men is what we got. You come to us a stranger til now. One met in battle a time and a distant victor after. If Kingsmen can be saved, it would be through a place to call our own. A place perhaps, Lord, within your opulent empire in Old Town. We'd need to know that we, the soldiers that were here fighting -before- you will be honored. I trust any man in uniform, but these are dark days for us few veterans in this forgotten district. I leave you the creed of those which went before us

    'Fighting soldiers, from the sky.
    Fearless men, who fight and die.
    Men who mean, just what they say.
    These are men. The P.D.K.'

    -Early The Cobbler.

  • Lord Bhaliir,

    I have thought on this offer, and if you would see us proud Cormyrean folk given respect, and the opportunity to take back what is rightfully ours then I would do so under your banner, within this council of yours.

    I never served, though my father died fighting the Shadovar, and the same Sembian dogs I see in our city.

    If your plan sees my folk prosper, I'll see every fit one of our number take up your colours.

    But we will never suffer to sit at the same table as a Sembian.

    William Carver

  • Kingsmen,

    The Silent Court has decided each of the gangs of Old Town will be contributing to the well-being and reconstruction of our beloved district.

    The Kingsmen will be exempt from this tax, should they act as collectors on behalf of the Court. Otherwise, the price is 1000 gold- or 1 finger. One of my men will be dropping by with instructions.

    These withdrawals will be made in 36 (RL) hours.

    The Master of Old Town

  • Master of Old Town,

    We will need to meet and discuss terms before me and mine agree to any of this silent court business.

    William Carver

  • I will be there, tonight- to supervise the exchange of these contributions. You will have an opportunity to discuss the court, beforehand.