Letter: Lord Bhaliir

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Lord Bhaliir

    Whilst I was your retainer the creations of Gond brought you much wealth with the arms and armour shipments to Sir Fezznick and for such I asked that you accepted Gond as your patron.

    There was also the aid provided for more sensitive matters

    I once more ask that you take Gond as your patron but offer even more considerable benefits to doing so

    You once spoke to me of your houses Ancestral Weapon, A double mace forged with the breath of a blue dragon.

    Whilst I do not have dragons breath available to me I can create you such a legendary weapon, A double mace with a handle of mithral, the heads formed with ore from the great elemental of the volcano and imbued with the powers of lightning elementals and coated in steel to harden it and make it strike true.

    Whilst it will take time to obtain the Mithral and obtain the essences, It will be done.

    You know I am a man of action not words.

    There are also other benefits to accepting Gond as your patron, I have reclaimed the factory in the Sewers.

    You and your Storm Dragons would be supplied with cheap but powerful golems to assist in the pacification of Old Towns gangs, Work has also begun on lesser variants of the Ele-Metal weapon project so that your battalion could be equipped with cost effective variations to assist you.

    I also have a single extremely powerful Mithral Golem from the factory you may have, It would be an extremely effective show of force to the gangs of what can be brought against them if necessary

    You and your would receive the divine wands and potions of Gond at a discount.

    All I ask is that you take Gond as your patron and make it known that with the hard work of yourself and your men blessed with the gifts of Gond that an age of peace and prosperity will be brought to Old Town and Arabel and continue your work to ensure such is the case

    Seeker Ampharen


  • Ampharen,

    As it stands, I have no tolerance for these golems anymore, as most of them only appear to EXPLODE the moment they enter combat, crippling any one nearby in the process. I myself have suffered SEVERAL BURNS and HORRID WOUNDS whilst fighting beside these ANNOYING PESTS. You can thank your merits and loyalty that I have not abandoned my hope on the wonders of Gond soon afterwards!

    You promised the Warforged would all flock to House Bhaliir when we saw them released, yet only a few of their kind have turned to us after much convincing, whilst the rest have abandoned the city entirely and turned to explore the realm. I've seen little out of them that'd make their freedom a worthy investment at this stage.

    Now, as it stands, I've rewarded you and your faith generously for your loyal service already. Begging me to take Gond as my patron every week will not change my view on it and it is now bordering a nuisance at this point. You know I am -still- changing bandages after that damned machine of yours exploded in the Helmland against that Great Wyrm and burnt my arm in the process!

    You are welcome to craft this weapon if you truly believe you can forge a weapon worthy a lord of Cormyr, and I will reward your efforts appropriately based on what I see and hear. If it is as amazing as you claim it to become, then perhaps you will get what you so diligently desire.

    Lord Bhaliir