Seven Reasons - the tale of Robin the swordsman

  • 32.22 from the Topplebottle Bibblesqueak job.
    +1 nasty rat bite too... Yeah that happened.
    -4.56 for healing. And I promised to go find that wolf.
    +6.30 from fixing old miss Dibbletinder’s roof.


    We got this.

  • 26.50 for helping at the lumber mill.
    +1 fucking backache.
    +41.60 for... Mom’s work. Damn.
    -(>4~ for mom’s sewing supplies.
    +12 more for fixing the old lady’s rooftop again...
    -12 because I know it was Bibi. Bad gift, that ball.
    -.30 to patch up Bibi’s ball before his birthday.

    Shouldn’t have flattened his ball.
    His eyes... Ain’t got the heart to discipline, dad.

    Still... We got this Leaffall in the bag. Thanks, mom.

  • No jobs this month. At all. All mom...
    Damn, I almost wish there was another bandit raid.


  • Good month. Bar fight. Good Tomen Vinybarrows gave me a little something for breaking it up. And another wolf strayed from the woods. I got it with the Hoppingfenns’ son... It was all me, dad, even though the coin the village gave us was split. I got a fang from it, will make mom a necklace...

    She did stitch my lip when the fight was over, after all.

    I should finally spend those twelve coppers to oil my swords - and that way I can also fix Nala’s bike. And! Surprise mom tonight when her door doesn’t screech anymore.

    Miss you, dad... But I got this.
    Don’t you worry.

  • Deepwinter.

    I couldn’t get everyone something for Midwinter this time, dad. I gave Bim my old scarf and mom made Serra a doll to fill in the holes. I want to believe they don’t notice these things but there was something in Serra’s eyes when she opened her present.

    I think she got homemade doll last year too.

    I... Don’t got this. Dad, it’s freezing. Don’t know why this year I’m really feeling it.

  • A couple boys from the village are going north to help with a construction - and of course, they knew who’d escort their caravan, baby! Good pay.


    Couple of weeks on the road, though! Bim will miss his broom sparring sessions. And I promised Nill that I’d take him to the hills to fly his kite. I’ll ask Topplebottle.

  • They need a couple extra hands for a trip further north... Pirates have been known to raid the currents these merchants want to use and my hometown guys were quick to recommend me as brawn. Lucky break!

    It pays... Wow it pays! And a local pair of hin - Bumblebushes - know miss Dibbletinder. They agreed to see my payment home, through a cousin of an uncle of theirs.

    I’ll be back home next month... With any luck.

    I got this.

  • A Golden Guard... They keep comparing me to pros here and I’m feeling a bit intimidated, truth be told - don’t know what they expect from me if pirates do show up... What, the three of us that are even armed standing up against an experienced crew?

    In any case I’ve spent more than a moment thinking of these mercs that they’ve told me about - they are said to be making it big in Cormyr. Which is where we’re headed.

    The big leagues... Man I wish.

  • You won’t believe it, dad.

    I was getting invited into a gnome’s band of criminals - because you know how it is in every city: you got a sword, you’re a hin and no name to you and they’ll think you’re a goon right away... But as this gnome yapped on I spotted a group in the corner wearing gold.

    Yep. I met the recruiter of the Golden Guard - this Raynor looker with a nice hat was talking to another no-name like me. I jumped in the wagon however I could and soon I was travelling with the big boys.
    We fought -orcs- and even -undead- on the way to their keep, dad, but I pulled through. They’ll test me tomorrow for real with another job.

    Their leader, Esolen, gave me a pair good boots to start... I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m doing this!
    If I make it, dad...

    I got this!