Flee Scripting

  • In relation to this post: https://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/41282/ai-ignoring-knockdown/2

    Would it be possible to change or remove Flee Scripts? It allows mobs to run without incurring AoOs and get free casts off, again without incurring an AoO and is generally just incredibly obnoxious when you're trying to surround a mob only for it to run away/past you without penalty.

  • Adding to this, since Arkham pointed it out when we were questing a few weeks back-

    Often the case, is the enemy flees to the next group... and then just runs back at you, without the group in tow. While I understand the purpose and intention, it really needs some tweaking. Mainly AoO's and not just running back at you like an idiot.

    Idk- Maybe the bandits just run to their friends for moral support, get hyped up and feel like they can take us on - That's what I like to believe. That the power of their friendship is strong enough to make them retarded.

  • Well, yeah, AI is hard basically.

    Especially when you didn't make it yourself, barely understand how it functions, or how certain things were meant to function, and parts of it were already editted by other people since the original creator made it, and it wasn't commented very well.

    Personally, I'd like to go back to the default NWN AI, and actually tried to do that at one point, to start working up from there, instead of... down from... some weird place.

    But the original NWN AI scripts were crushed, deleted, compacted, messed with, or otherwise fucked by the time I looked at trying to do this, so I tried to fix what we had. With results varying.

    The "Flee behaviour" shouldn't avoid any AOO stuff, that's not actually a thing you can do in the script, there is no switch to turn them off or anything, so I have no idea how that can even happen, same with KD being ignored, that's a WEIRD bug I would have no idea where to even start looking for. (The flee behaviour wasn't my creation, and all I ever did to it, was try to make it happen less)

    I heavily advocate returning to default NWN AI for V6, and trying to move from there, while always retaining that original stuff backup up five hundred times.