Beastmaster can’t tame beasts

  • When attempting to tame a beast type, an error message is displayed “you do not have the appropriate feat to tame this beast”.

    Tested on:
    Worg, night wolf and Treyssm

  • Latok, the beastmaster was removed a while ago. If it is an old char of yours that has been unretired, that is likely the issue.

  • It was rebalanced and brought back. I asked the DM's before I selected it as a kit. It's a new character, less than a week old. I had already posted this in redmine but since Moloch asked us to post some things here figured I'd throw it up.

  • I also have the beastmaster kit, but since I'm a druid, I wouldn't rely on what I can and can't tame - because iirc druids CAN tame tressyms and other lesser magical creatures like night wolves.

  • When attempting to tame a BM only animal without BM it gives a "Beast Master required" error.

    This is a different error when attempting to tame certain things that aren't listed as BM only.

  • @crystalrl
    i dont have beast master and cant tame those with my dual wield kit.

  • DMs

    From the announcement on it:

    You need FE: Magical Beasts for magical beasts now and FE: Shapechanger for beasts of Malar.

    CHA bonus to stats went from CHA-10)/2 to /3.

    Is this really a bug still, or just unaware of the FE requirement--need to know the more difficult creatures well enough to tame them?

  • You can ignore. I don't have the FE feats and won't be taking them due to concept. My fault.