Another report for Ethos, given by Ben

  • Project:

    Inception by mental projections.

    Threat level:

    High, if used irresponsibly. To tread within another person’s mindscape must be done like a spider upon silk: leaving no trace but the weave intended... Any and all print left in the wake of the projected alien consience can and likely will be... Permanent.


    The sky is the limit. This method can be used to change a psyche’s makeup from within - so far, amidst the adventuring community, it has kept a man infected by the touch of Malar from manifesting his Lycantrophy, helped a man in mourning remember the face of a loved one, and returned a psychically stricken patient back to mental health. Amidst the civilian population, I’ve treated seven patients from miscellaneous illnesses ranging from severe to life-threatening.


    A patented ritual involving illegal psychedelics, the school of Enchantment, and the school of Divination... And the knowledge of mind-affecting mushrooms taught to me by the paladin Benjamin Barkley and several hin that we are no longer associated with.
    The procedure’s effectiveness has been verified by the Minister of Magic, Doctor Etholycus Cabellan.

    Future procedures:

    With the permit the Minister of Magic has promised us, to carry and utilize illegal mushrooms in my procedures, my assistant and advisor Benjamin Barkley and I will refine our selection of psychedellics used in the procedure by conducting astral projecting “trips” with some Oathkeepers of the land including Irthrovak the half-dragon and Jon Doe - an old friend of ours. Then, armed with such knowledge and legal permit, we will begin advertising our services instead of practicing behind closed doors - therefor helping more people in mental distress.

  • [A letter sent back to Claeryss]

    Dear Alean Claeryss,

    Here are your licenses for both of the fields you are currently researching. I will get the payment for these from your husband to be, as I'm sure he would offer to pay, as the gentlemen he is.

    I wish you good luck in your researches, and I am always there to help if you require it.

    Your friend and colleague,
    Etholycus Cabellan
    Minister of Magic.

    alt text

    alt text

  • *After reading the 'payment' part of the minister's response, Claeryss opens her lips and some neighbours report that the usually quiet librarian let out a terrifyingly angry shriek. Some report seeing the paladin that is her husband-to-be running from the apartment post-haste, with a freshly penned note in response, and orders to go shove it up... Er... Deliver, it, to the dearest minister of magics. *

    Payment? What in the Nine Hells, mentor? You're breaking my piggy bank!
    ...Well, truth be told, it's more of a Dire Boar bank, but still! Do you not know that I work pro bono?

    No matter.

    You'll just have to make it up to us by going on some dangerous adventure by our side at some point, let the warriors have some fun with their swords in a way that it helps people and (coincidentally!) helps us recover funds.
    When was the last time you transmuted yourself into something terrifying and bashed some bandits with your own hands, or claws, or tentacles? I'll get prettied up tonight and come out from the library if you round up the boys, see if we can do some good out there on the roads, mentor?

    Your thankful pupil and occasional victim of legal extortion,

  • [Thankfully, do to an "oversight" by the Minister of Magic, no payment had to be given, so the note is thrown out, and Ben returns from the market with a large strawberry, dipped and coated in dark chocolate to calm the elves nerves.]

  • *The strawberry is promply devoured without sharing a bite. *