A letter floating down the Netherese Ruins’ pit

  • Dear Rouland,

    I... Don’t know what to say. You didn’t let me save you, like you saved me from the spiders or the orcs. Like you tended to my fever when we were travelling north from the hamlet, with your grumpy face and your threats that if I didn’t pick up the pace I’d lose Lord Magnipus, my left big toe.

    I tried. I tried to stand up for you like you did for me against my Master... But in the end it was you that spelt your own ending.
    Laughing that nightmarish laughter of yours, swinging with your terrible screaming blade... Until you could no more.

    I don’t know if I should hate you for killing all those people, ended all those innocent souls, and made me fear each step we shared...

    I think I do.
    I think I do but I also think that I needed to write this.

    I’ll not miss you. But...
    Thank you, Rouland. Rest in peace if you can.