More stuff selling high

  • Prayer beads
    Magic Longbow (+3 mighty, spell)

    Both sell to Temons 250gp each
    Dropped Cobble Demons

  • These have always been sellable.

    They used to sell for 400 at inmai mush.

    They also used to sell for 300 at the spire.

    And 500 at various other places.

  • DMs

    Ah! Now I know part of why that quest is spammed every day! Thanks! These items should be marked stolen and must not be.

  • To be honest Moloch- I do that quest every reset and it's never about the loot drops.

    From a mechanics standpoint- It's in the city, easy to reach and an appropriate length for times you don't want to do a longer quest.

    From a RP perspective - Beating up the Cobble Demons and stemming the bloodstone trade is on every under 7th lvl character's to-deal-with list as part of their character helping the city from a character standpoint and on most the evil chracter's to-do list to hit rival gangs and stock up on bloodstones from an IC perspective.

    It's just super-easy to take new characters on and RP "these guys are bad and this is somewhat plot related to what I'm doing."

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  • DMs

    Nikko, you're wrong. That's not why you do it. 😃

    Yes, I'm sure its a fun quest too, so that's cool! I want to make sure the quest stays fun, but there are definitely people who figured out the gp value of some of the loot which is not set up properly by the DM team.

  • judging from the stuff in temons, similar could be said about the ooze quest and its loot

  • @cadiz_stoker Ooze is already being looked at.


  • craftable items also seem to be saleable, though tbh they return far less than the cost to make them i doubt it is an issue, and rather a small return that will make it easier to buff your crafting skill.

  • DMs

    All crafted items are marked as "Stolen" when crafted by the scripts.

    Tend not to use "Plot" for several reasons:

    One, I made a terrible decision when making the item customisation system of using the plot flag to block customisation. It was a quick fix I always intended to change, but never got around to...

    Two, items with charges can end up having uses restored upon resting if they entirely run out of charges, as plot items cannot be destroyed, and that's normally what happens when items use all of their charges.

    So, if any merchant can buy things marked "Stolen" then they will buy all crafted items.

  • DMs

    Hopefully found and fixed all the loot on the quest; it was almost all sellable and should not have been! Report new instances after 4048 in a new post please.