AI Ignoring Knockdown

  • The bug is simple. Often, (specifically with casters, but not always) when you KD a mob they will ignore the fact you have knocked them down and instead start fleeing until the KD duration ends.

    I think this has the MOST to do with the script that causes them to flee. Normal mobs will occasionally trigger their "flight" if they are the last mob alive, running to the nearest enemy (normally the next encounter.) Casters will flee if they have anyone near them. Both of these behaviors overwrite or just flat out ignore knockdown.

    This is easily reproducible, and I would be happy to showcase it because it is probably the single most annoying part of trying to disable casters ingame right now. Not only will they occasionally get off multiple spells at once (which I attribute to lag, mostly,) but it is VERY hard to immobilize them in any reasonable fashion while they behave in this fashion

  • Makes sense, shouldn't be too hard to code once I find the line doing it. Just needs a delay in the flee script.

  • @mr-moloch

    Er... yeah, I wish you the best of luck man. For serious.

  • Low priority. Shifting through AI scripts is complicated, more so than necessary for this fix.

    Pinned so I don't forget entirely.