A letter slipped under the locked door of Chancellor Elodie.

  • Dear Elodie,

    I have been thinking in the past few days.

    You already know the reason why I came to Cormyr, why I came to Arabel. And as I told you, once I find what I need, I will go back. I hoped to find something that would anchor me here, but I believe I might've been wrong. I've had plenty of time to think on it lately and perhaps I didn't read well trough your beautiful smile. I do love you, but it is true that what we had was rushed, and too quick. Being away from you and the lack of answer has hurt me more than I expected, and I do not wish to feel like that again, as it would turn my mind away from my goal.

    It's why I do intend to resign from both ministry you offered me. I will hand you back the proper papers, and.. pay my taxes like everyone else.

    It really breaks my heart to write this letter as I do have feelings for you, but I'm... not sure I can share you with the position of Chancellor. [The last part of this sentence is written a bit bolder than the rest.]

    It's too much to ask of me to hear people speak such vile words about the woman I love, while I can't explain why you do what you do.

    I do hope you understand. And please.. reconsider everything. Reconsider what you wish to achieve in life. You are too beautiful inside and outside to ruin yourself for power.

    If you still have feelings for me, please consider my advice. I am always a letter away, even if we don't share the same bed.

    -Etholycus Cabellan, [A simple dot is left where he usually writes his duties and title.]