A letter at a certain rooftop

  • Dear Vin,

    I am very bad at commencing letters but... I think that we can start with a request: please tell mister Esolen that... I failed him. And that he’ll have to stay alive a little longer.
    Vin, my Master is taking us away, and I can’t tell you where, but we’ll not be back soon.
    I think he’s mad, that I got Rouland killed. I think he fears that he is next because you proved that I am not alone...
    And he would be right. As always right.

    I don’t know what he wants anymore, Vin. He hurt me for not attacking him, yet he threatens that pain beyond the imagination will follow if I turn on him - and he lies not: every time I’ve tried it has been... Costly. And terrible beyond words - and I thought I had learned my lesson: my place, but... Now he tells me that if I don’t free myself he’ll kill me.

    I think he wants me to try, Vin. I think that he wishes me to become a monster just like him. And monsters... Fear nothing, Vin.
    Will I learn enough of his secret arts one day, not to fear him anymore? Enough to kill him, and be, as he says, the monster that will keep vile beings like him from my Hometree?

    I shiver just to imagine.

    He thinks that the day I rise to become him I’ll only shake his hand and walk away. He thinks that I will thank him for... Making me stronger, in the ways that he has, but I also think that he is smart enough to know that the only way we both live on is if I don’t become what he wants me to become.
    A paradox.
    Maybe I’m not the only one with broken thoughts.

    In any case, I thank you for the memories, Vin. They’ll help me stay alive in the coming trials. Please tell mister Raynor and Esolen that I will miss them too. Tell Morgan that I loved to play for her, and the Doctor that I liked his hat. That I will find one like it for my tips in the future. Because my songs and my illusions? That is who I am and he will never break that.

    Also, please tell Ragor not to be too bad or to get caught wihout me! And miss Serafina that I’ll save -all- the Bloodstones, and tell yourself that... You did good by me.

    With love,
    your Bluebird

    *This letter is enchanted so that an illusion of Minnalaushee’s face, moving to smile, appears upon unfolding it. *