Letter at the Tilverwood keep

  • Hey Rayray!

    You... are the mail boy, right?

    Hey boys,

    I’m visiting my mom, see if my siblings are alright, if she needs anything... Hide the Mindwinter toys in the basement and tell Bido a spooky story so that none of them go poking down there.
    I’ve... Never earned enough coin, so fast, to actually have to hide the Midwinter toys at all - I’m normally panicking days before the celebration, just to get at least my siblings a gift each...
    And here I am on the boat ride home at the end of Chess, already packing - even a little something for my mom!

    Thank you, guys.

    I’ll be back soon, pull double weight for my absence. Just you wait and see.


    Autumnseed Lyricbottle Swindlebrook Barrowside farm, Shoun-Beluir rd., mile 17, Luiren