Sealed Letter: City Council

  • The letter is sealed with golden wax and embedded in the wax is the symbol of the Golden Guard's Standard in smaller form.

    Esteem Council Members,

    Please find attached the current roster for the Golden Guard Mercenary Company.

    -With the highest respect,

    Underneath the signature is the official Standard of the Golden Guard
    alt text

    Attached is a document with a few names

    F. Esolen
    Ibrahim Cihan

    Vindo Beristan

    Raynor Steel

    General Members
    Gale Tenderfoot
    Merrick Tenderfoot
    Horace Stokron
    Yurin the Devourer

    Grant Sosa

  • Raynor,

    I've some of the Guard's documents already and will start on scribing the rest from your roster.
    I should have them by the end of tomorrow.

    Furthermore, would the Golden Guard be interested in enforcing the Adventurer's Tax as contracted tax collectors? A contracted tax collector is allowed to take 20% of each tax they collect as their payment.
    Should the job be done exceptionally well by a collector they'd be eligible for a bonus each week.
    This job does include a risk of combating rebellious adventurers, although the warning is likely not necessary.

    If it interests you then we can talk in person.

    Warm thoughts,

    ~ Elodie Ledoux ~
    Chancellor of Arabel
    Sensate of the Succubus of Sensation

  • Chancellor Ledoux,

    As luck would have it, good fortune seems to have the Golden Guard preoccupied with our roles and responsibilities to Tilverton at this time. One could say we were blessed by Lady Fate herself to have a renewed contract with the Bishopric.

    I'll of course put your generous offer in front of the rest of the Company for the co-founders to decide the fate of this contract, as I am but a simple diplomat.

    -With the highest respect and may the Lady Who Smiles continue to smile upon you,

    Underneath the signature is the official Standard of the Golden Guard
    alt text

    After sending his response, Raynor then burns the Chancellor's letter over his table's candle lit fire instead of putting it into the Guard files.