Letter at the college of Tilverton, for Morgan

  • Dear Sandra
    Dear Erik-

    Beautiful one,

    How are you this morning? Well, whatever time of the day this letter finds you. I pen you under a sky that freezes the eye with awe in the morning, dull at sea. And I’d like to imagine this’ll reach you a morning a couple of days from now.
    Long journey, doll. The hours are cold and quiet save for the waves and the moans of the planks under my feet. Makes me miss Arabel - it was... A trip, on the wild side, to visit you crazy northerners, but worth every copper.

    If only to see that neck.

    In any case, with the Golden Guard I earned enough coin not just to come back home and shower my seven little siblings with gifts, but also my mom, and yet I have the coin to catch a ship back there again... And I will, soon.

    For now I wanted to write to you so I remember that it’s worth it, to leave them down here alone, while I chase ‘the unreachable star’, as the illustrous Cervantes once wrote so you know I made it safe... Mostly because there’s no smoke elementals up here. I still have a cough, by the by!

    You’re in my thoughts, Morgan, see you soon.

    -Some cad

    Autumnseed Lyricbottle Swindlebrook Barrowside farm, Shoun-Beluir rd., mile 17, Luiren