• Baroness of Arael,

    The new Chancellor and her men are a disgrace. A tax man fully supported by Chancellor Elody insulted Quessir continuously, and assaulted me in an attempt to rip my ears off. Attached is a receipt given to me upon having to pay some outrageous tax. Even seeing this horridly offensive material and being present as the man insulted me, and doing nothing about his assault, the Councillor of Arabel has shown she will give no support to any elvenkind. I urge you to take some action against this injustice.

    Beilla Ciy'fewya

    [attached is a copy of the receipt]
    Tax Receipt - Beyla Ciyosomething

    Someone paid her tax for her. He is immune to tax. The date is 20.3. She will be taxed again because this was fun. Tax Code: 3lfL1ve5dontM4tt34. Signed Tax Man Stan.