Letter: Golden Guard

  • Eso, Vin,

    I have undertaken a Test of Purity, as provided by Initiate Jon, to gain the attention of the Bear Spirt. The Bear Spirit I am told is a force of Protection and Justice. Should my worth be proven, I will be provided with Celestial Silver to aid in the crafting of a mighty Halberd against those from of Infernal and Demonic blood. Below are the task to complete.

    • The gypsies who base themselves out there have had an important herbal remedy stolen from them. Return it to them.
    • Many bandits roaming the roads supposedly have a base in Marliir's March. See if you can find it and raid it.
    • The Tressym Vault has recently undergone...changes, thanks to some slaadi who have taken over it in their search for the Spark. I investigate there to see if there is anything blatantly harmful besides a Well of some great power.

    Since you'll want to know what's in it for you. My company. My gratitude. My assistance for hree worthy tasks, of your choosing, that does not create Sin.


  • Serafina,

    Of the few individuals in this city, and even those of my own company there are few who I respect. However, our relationship does not afford me the privilege of granting you my fighting men at no cost. The Golden Guard mercenary company is first and foremost on the map to make coin. We want to put food in bellies, equipment in packs, and gods willing, retire relatively intact.

    Send us an offer for two to three guards. As one of the few we seek to hire into our own ranks, you'll be afforded a discount. We will also lump what appears to be three jobs into one contract, however we'll want first pick on Tilverton related plunder (golem parts primarily).

    If any of my men (beyond the three you wish to hire) offer to join you on your crusade, by all means, take them with you.

    Our normal contract-standards still apply,
    (even split, and we'll carry back the corpses of lesser adventurers free of charge to the nearest shrine)


  • Thank you. As you know I have little in the way of material wealth and avoid it. Splitting any compensation between the Golden Guard seems reasonable.

    I would request that Raynor, Vin and you join me each for reasons. Any others I will leave for you to determine suitability.


    //going to try start running these tonight and the next couple days//

  • Perhaps I used the wrong words. This is after all why I hired Raynor.

    Our relationship does not afford me the privilege of granting you fighting men at no cost..

    You'll need to offer some amount of coin for these services.

    You can discuss it with Raynor and Vin individually if you would like.

    I however would ask for something other than coin.


  • How much for 2 of your finest or should I speak to Vin and han Raynor directly? I really don’t known the mercenary code and ways. Regardless I will see about scraping together some coin.

    Happy to talk to you anytime Eso. You’ve me curious now. What would you ask that is more sacred to you than coin?

    We’ll talk soon.


  • The lowest I’ll go for the two of them is 700 coins. That’s a steal. Generally each of them individually runs for a thousand. But don’t let them know that.

    On a more personal matter, have you considered my request? I would like to see you soon.